Prusa 3D printer unhappy about loading filament

Jimmy and I experienced some trouble with the Prusa printer on Sunday. While trying to load filament, there seems to be a physical blockage below the feed gears. It would “chunk chunk chunk chunk” loudly for a bit, with the filament trying hard to advance, but not succeeding. Then after a while of that, selecting “load filament” from the menu would lead to a rapid “click click” through the speaker, with no attempt to feed filament.

I got some experience tearing down the whole thing during the pandemic while making PPE parts, but that’s been a while and I’m rusty on it. If someone knows the troubleshooting steps and can do them or summarize here I’d be grateful

Interesting, @CBennett messed around with it for a bit and appeared to be working afterward. Though, I’m not sure if we know what the cause was.

Sounds like a nozzle blockage.

If it happens again you can contact me and I can come in and help/show you how to troubleshoot the situation to the best of my ability.

I think it was plugged, I manually loaded the filament and pushed it thru and it seemed to start working ok.

If that happens again, use the acupuncture needle that came with the machine (if it can be found). Carefully insert it 1 or 2cm into the hot nozzle and pull it back out.

If that doesn’t work, try a cold pull:

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