Prusa Printer Filament Loading Issue

Has anyone else had issues lately with loading filament into the 3D printer?

Everytime that I have tried it makes a gear/clicking sound but never successfully loads the filament, even though it feels like the gears grip it (similar to this thread: Prusa 3D printer unhappy about loading filament). I worked with Carl last week to use the acupuncture needle to clear the nozzle and it worked fine after but it was finicky again today. I just want to know if it might be something with my loading technique/filament choice or something other people are experiencing

It could be the PTFE tube that’s inside the hot end. They degrade after awhile and the inner diameter shrinks. I have some that worked on my old printers it’s probably the same size. Either that or some other restriction in the filament path.

I haven’t done that job on a Prusa before but I will bring some of that tubing in.

I have put all metal hot ends in my printers . That eliminates that problem.
I have put vegetable oil on a couple feet of filament and ran it thru and that sometimes helps for awhile.

I was able to load some filament today without any trouble by making sure the end had a nice sharp point on it, and pointing the curl in the direction of 7 o’clock.

Cool, I did leave some of that tubing and a few other related pieces and parts if needed.

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