Woodshop Checkout Thursday 8/10 5:30PM FULL

I’ll be having a checkout for the Jointer and Planer on Thursday 8/10 at 5:30 PM. If you are able to make it, please confirm with a response to this post.

@kaleidoscopes @Jcard1415 @Eric_Krogsrud I apologize for the scheduling confusion and delay.

original post

I will be in attendance

I can make that as well

Will be there - Thanks

Hello, it would be great to get checked out on these tools if you have room for me during this time. Please let me know, thanks.


I will be there. Appreciate it!

I will be there!
Do you have a ballpark on how long this runs?

I can be there as well if there is still room

Change of plans, I will not be able to make it

Howdy folks,

@Eric_Krogsrud @Jcard1415 @kaleidoscopes @Aforeffort @javascript.void @Jacob1

I’ll see you all there…six is a big group for this checkout but I will do my best to get through everything within two hours. I think it’s do-able.