Jointer/Planer Checkout (rescheduled)

Please see updated post: Woodshop Checkout
I can host a jointer/planer checkout on any one of these dates:
Thursday 7/27 6 PM
Saturday 7/29 between 1PM and 6PM
Thursday 8/03 6 PM

Five total spots available. Please post availability so we can nail down a date and time. It’s a little last minute so I will repost if no one sees this in time.
Tagging those who have already requested: @Eric_Krogsrud @Jcard1415

I will be there tomorrow at 6pm

Are you available any of the other times? In case others can’t make it tomorrow.

Sorry I just saw this! I could do today 7/29 if that’s still an option

Please included me for the check out - Thank

I’ll be out of town for the rest of this week, but I’ll be back on Monday 8/7