What tools would like in the Blacksmithing area?

You can also message me on discord and I can get you whatever info you need

Is Alex making arrangements to get the Blacksmithing area the swage block?

Just wanting know where it stand.

I am still in for $15.00 and will contact Holland Anvil, If you like.

I have not made any arrangements. I would be happy to call them and see what they can do for us. I will try to get to it this week.


I can kick in $15 too!

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I have taken the liberty of communicating with Holland Anvil via email through their website, to see if they would work with Lansing Makers Network to rebuild the blacksmith area… Also our initial instreste in the 8# Swage block, noting that LMN is a 501C which has Tax exempt status on purchases.
As yet I have not heard back and will up date as information is available.

The following is the response is the reply from Holland Anvil.
"Bobby, yes, we definitely remember you!
What does your group need? Let us know and 23 will see what we can come up with.
We will see "

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Interesting. Do you think we should give them a reasonable list or should we shoot for the moon?
either way I’ll put a list together!

Also as an aside, Thank you for doing that @bjadms8 I meant to call them friday but I was not able to get to it.

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All members of the Lansing Makers Network should connect with Holland Anvil https://www.hollandanvil.com/ Catalog and make note of something that LMN should have available.
Compile a list and have area heads look at the lists compiled by members and make a finial desision.

Also note that Holland Anvil is a Michigan company, products are made in Michigan. Support of them is supporting a company at home.

We can make LMN a show case as a group

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I love that they are going to see what they can come up with! :slight_smile:

This is a nice, heavy duty swage block for bowls & spoons…& similar to what used to be available in our shop. https://www.hollandanvil.com/product-page/50lb-swage-block