What tools would like in the Blacksmithing area?

What tools would you like to in the Blacksmithing area?
Maria and I rebuilt the forge and Lou and I have made to postvice stand for the postvice JeremyL donated.
What other tools would the Blacksmithing community like to see?
Hammers, chisels, punches, Smithin Magician (gilitine tool) tongs.
What can we make, buy as a kit or build our self.
Or our we good as it stands.
We together make it what the community wants.

Just asking


A swag block and dishing stump would be nice

Forge welding forge.

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That is in the works

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Id love to see some flat jaw tongs, wolf jaw tongs, and v-bit tongs. I’m not too great at making them but could desperately use them! also maybe some drifts for hammer/axe eyes or some more hardy tools. just some suggestions that I don’t have the time/resources to accomplish.

Checkout Ken’s Costom Iron Works and Quick tong package and the also have knife making tong blanks. As well my first tong were from Ken’s Costom Iron Works and still use them.

Power hammer, swages, fullering jigs, and a nice long sword forge.

all great suggestions! as soon as there is room in the budget for me to requisition the materials for some of these I will do so!

However I should mention that I do not want a power hammer in our space. I would prefer a flywheel hammer. I am not comfortable with the safety implications of any hydraulic or treadle hammers.

I would like a pair of box jaw tongs. Other then that, an upset jig would be cool. Everyone else has pretty much covered any possibilities I think. Maybe we could get Alex to get the moon into our shop next. XD

Oh, to Adam, (not sure which Adam on here is the one I talked to last week.). Sorry I wasn’t there Thursday. I was so sick that day I barely remember it. I’m not coming today either.

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An blacksmithing adage is “need a tool make a tool” so if a goup wants to make tools like tongs, punches and other tools let come up with time.
Bring scrap steel or steel you would like to donate to LMN. Let’s have a party and have fun as a group.


@Adam I’m finally feeling better, that was a nasty and mysterious disease, and will be at the Makerspace tomorrow during open hours. I’d love to make that dishing tool with you if you will also be there.

I really liked the anvil for forging small bowls & spoons (great for copper & sterling, too) & would love to see us have this, again…if at all possible. I know they are pricey.

Thats called a swage block and I also would love to have one again.

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8lb Swage Block


I will match the first $15.00


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Yes…I knew that, but the term wasn’t coming to mind in the moment. lol

You can count on $15 from me!

We now have $30 toward the swage block who else will commit?
One could also contact Greg of Holland Anvils to if would be willing to work with us Lansing Makers Network. I would however I am not a leader and would like to see the community step up.

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You’ve got $15 from me as well!

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$15 here as well!

I’m happy to help contact Greg, but would like to chat more before so that I’m sure I’m saying the right things. Any chance you could be around this weekend to meet and chat?

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Greg can be messaged through Facebook massaging. He is familiar with the Lansing Makers Network. I bought an anvil from Holland Anvil you may reference me Bobby Adams if you like. They Holland Anvil are in Holland Michigan so we would be supporting a local busness. Take a look at Holand Anvils for other items they offer.
The worst would be no, or he could say yes and give a break to Lansing Makers Network and or members.
Greg is a good fellow and don’t hesitate.