Welding area outfitting

The welding area is down to the last few steps to get it up and running:

  • @Clifford_Bohm I picked up the Hobart today. Can you look into pricing / options on cylinders and make arrangements.
  • We need to build a cart to hold the welder and securely support the tank.
  • Two more welding curtains need to hang them up to complete the visual shielding. :asterisk:
  • Fire blanket needs to be hung. :asterisk:
  • Safety SOPs need to be created in Dozuki. :asterisk:
  • Checkout process needs to be designed :asterisk:
  • SOPs for the machines need to be created in Dozuki.

:asterisk: indicates items that are blockers to the area being available for use.

Diagram of what we’re thinking for the curtains:

Welding curtains and fire blanket have arrived and ready for someone to tackle them.

@cafwood took care of taking down the french cleat board as mentioned in Move the clamp rack to the flex space

Cylinder delivery is scheduled for Tuesday. I went to pick up the cart at TSC Today, but opted against it after looking at it b/c I wasn’t sure if it held a big enough cylinder for what we’re getting.

So, builidng a cart should probably be on the checklist. I’ve updated it with what still needs to be done.

I also bent up some conduit to support the new curtains, now needs to be hung and curtain attached.

Thanks @bjadms8 for doing the leg work on cylinder pricing options.

@bjadms8 are you able to be around next Tuesday to receive the delivery ? I have a meeting on campus that day so I won’t be able to be around the space like usual.

I’m not sure what time they’ll be by. I suppose one could call and ask on Tuesday.

Or, if we want to build a cart later, maybe just buy this?


Sure I can be at the space and take delivery. Purity is open at 8 so I’ll plan to be there about 8

Brian if and when you have time to introduce me to Dozuki. Go over the layout of how the documents should take I can be there at the space

The laser cutter and CNC machine SOPs are a good starting point for the usual format we’re trying to follow. Most important is the information though. We can tweak the format more easily than writing the content.

Dokzuki’s own Tech Writing Handbook is a good primer into what goes into writing SOPs as well.

Hobart 10 # wire spool maybe only minor issue opened box removed plastic packing edge of spool has taken some damage. I believe it could still work and feed wire.
Gas delivered regulator installed and chained bottle to wall. Checked for leaks all appears to be good.
Electrodes which to electrode positive for Solid Wire. Do not install Flux core wire…
Emailed Cliff and Brian with pictures.
Working on SOP documents consulting with Cliff and Brian

Complete the setup and doing a test weld to make sure welder appears to be working. Spoke with Brian briefly about the current configuration is still in discussion. A few good suggestions and ideas. I will be working on:
Safety SOPs need to be created in Dozuki.
Checkout process needs to be designed
SOPs for the machines need to be created in Dozuki.

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Picking up hardware to install welding screen

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