Move the clamp rack to the flex space

Since most people are doing glue ups and assembly in the flex space now, should we move the clamp rack to the flex space wall?

That would also free up a wall in the wood shop to perhaps be more effectively used for tools and machines.

Great idea, where should it go? Maybe next to the cutting board glue up rack?

I think that’d be a great location. We can clear out some of the stuff that’s piling up in front of it.

I think @RealCarlRaymond made a second of the boards that hangs on the wall. Maybe we could just mount that one on the wall and move the other clamps. That way we still have the slatwall to organize woodshopy things.

@RealCarlRaymond did you have another plan for that slatboard ?

We should move the one now on the wall in the welding area. We don’t want a wooden panel with angled slots that trap sparks around the welder.

That’s an excellent point. That ones not a full 4x8 though. Might not have enough space for all the clamps (but one way other another 100% agree that the welding area one should move).

Not directly related, but I saw a video today with some cool tool holders (3D printed)