Welder checkout delayed

So, someone was supposed to help me get checked out on the welder yesterday or today, but I unfortunately caught a nasty cold, so I wasn’t able to come in. We can hopefully do it next week on a weekday.

Sorry If I made anyone wait, I wasn’t sure how to get a hold of them. I have trouble with names.

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I’m qualified on welder checkout. If you don’t reschedule with your original person by Thursday tag me and I’ll see what I can do this weekend. Preferably Sunday for me but I might also be able to do a Friday night.

Okay. I’ll be in Thursday, Friday and Sunday at least this week, so I’m sure I can get trained on it sometime in that time.

I’d like to attend as well if you end up scheduling something!

I’m interested in getting a checkout for the welder as well. Please let me know when a time is scheduled. Thank you!

OK, I will be doing welder checkouts from 1-3pm. Sunday. how does that work for people? @Heather @laura_rogers @JeremyL


Sunday 1-3PM works for me

That works for me. I might end up getting trained on it Thursday or Friday, but if I don’t I’ll meet you all on Sunday.

i’m adding the two doc’s that were sent to me when I did a checkout. first one is blacksmith and welder info. second one is for the belt sander we can go over if people want.
Required, Long sleaves, natural fiber clothing. No synthetic shoes. I believe there is a Leather protective apron if needed.
LMN_2x72_belt_sander_SOP.pdf (74.8 KB)

I’ll be there. Thank you!

I won’t be in, after all, as I’m not feeling well & need to rest.