We need to put together a "Go box" for taking to events

Should contain flyers, marketing materials, project samples, etc, etc in a format that could be thrown in a car.

Bonus points for a system that lets it be restocked with ease (kanbans?)

There’s a stalled conversation about it here: LMN 2 GO "go box"

Can LMN “To Go” Box Thread be labeled with the Volunteering Volunteer Tasks subtopic? I would like to pick up on designing the banner as I still have it in my car and get three print quotes.

Just go ahead and reference the topic where needed (you can quote from anywhere…once you start composing a reply you can navigate to a topic, select text and click quote when it pops up… discourse will create the appropriate links)

Like so:

I put together a Bella tote for the marketing materials and flyers that we usually take to events. Still need to come up with the rest of the Go-Box picture, but hopefully its a start to making it easier to attend events for LMN.