LMN 2 GO "go box"

I want to build a “go box” for LMN when we do events. Right now when going to an event we kind of scramble to grab a bunch of cool stuff, throw it in a bin and leave in a hurry. I’d like to make this process easy for anyone without the scramble part.

I’m thinking about having lots of goodies in it, and I need some help populating it with all of the things we would like to put on display when we go to an event such as a science fair etc.

I’m thinking of a toolbox on wheels, or maybe even two, and inside these boxes will be everything needed to setup a very professional looking table at an event.

I’d like to get an LMN table cloth printed, so we start with a nice looking table. I think there is another effort to get a roll up sign, which should probably live in this kit.

Inside the box would be fliers, business cards, thingamajigs and dodads that people have made. Maybe some hands on stuff like homopolar motors etc.

Does anyone have any good ideas for items in this “go box”?

I’m thinking of a toolbox similar to this:


And another box similar to this:

Between a couple boxes like this I’d love to have signage, high quality examples of things people have made that will live and stay in these boxes so the are ready to go. (dust free, and really wow people when they look at the creations) Many of the things we grab now are pretty beat up, I would assume making these boxes designed for keeping these items in pristine condition.

So what I need from other people:

  1. Ideas! (That should be easy)
  2. Some high quality donated items that you’ve made that will live in these go boxes that you’d love to show off.
  3. Help with fliers / handouts / business cards etc that will also live in these boxes or be easy to print off before an event.
  4. More ideas for making setup and tear down a quick easy painless process so that any member who wants to volunteer to run a booth has no barriers.

I was hoping someone would start this topic! From the spate of demos/volunteer activities that I’ve seen posted for LMN involvement of Science Days or manning tables, I was thinking that we really needs a 2Go box like the one that was assembled for MITN Demo Day.

@RealCarlRaymond mentioned during this year’s Bennett Woods Science day that LMN had purchased a vertical sign that only needed to have the sign portion replaced. He also said that it was purchased at MSU Salvage. If we can we can find that collapsible sign, I can design it and get quotes to where we can get it printed.

Def. pamphlets, member signup and an interest box (for joining the e-mail list) should be in there, like the one I had in Demo Day.

I know I have other ideas… but I just woke up. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen the sign in question, but I do want to make sure if it’s from the surplus store that it’s up to the quality and professionalism that I’m trying to achieve.

Something similar to this:


With the idea that it should fit in one of these boxes to protect it during travel. Maybe an alternative sign for outdoor events that could be staked down and not act like a kite.

Example: A Swooper flag


Yes… I completely agree. I was thinking the 1st vertical banner that you
posted was exactly what I too had in mind for the 2Go Box. Carl and I saw
CADL’s vertical banner and we both like its portability, as well as its
compactness/Footprint. It certainly says a lot without taking much floor

I love the printed table cloth idea. Should we do heat press vinyl and try to do it ourselves or does anyone know how much one would run us?

I think @jody was the one that bought them but I don’t know if they were for LMN or his shirt business and if they’re still around.

I do remember that they were pretty much exactly like what you’ve posted.

@conejita42 Brian said you might have been looking into getting a banner printed. @Clifford_Bohm Also had some ideas for this go box, so I’m looping him in.

I know my upcoming live is about to get very busy, but I’d like to get this started. I’m beginning to think it’s going to be two boxes. One that houses many of the setup materials display, and flyers etc. And another that can have boards with examples (Clif’s idea, maybe he can find some pictures or elaborate)

I’d like to get dimensions of the banners when rolled up before picking out pre-made wheeled boxes or making our own so that this longer more awkward item can fit in.

Oh… Cool. I currently have the banner but it’s in Ray’s car atm. I can measure the dimensions of the banner carrier when it’s all contained later today, @zimmer62.

Plus I still need to make sure whoever is printing the banner can reuse to banner mechanics.

The rough plan is to make a box about 26" x 26" x 26". The image shows the top view when open. The spacers would be permanently attached to the walls. the boards (about 24" x 24") would slide in from the top. There would be 2" clearance between boards to allow for objects attached to the boards. The idea would be to have each area create one or more boards with objects and text for descriptions firmly attached. When we do an event we just pull out the boards are we are good to go. I would add wheels on the bottom and a removable handle to make it easy to move. I could get this put together sometime this week.
It might also be worth making a smaller box for just 3 or 4 boards for smaller events.


Hey @zimmer62 -

I transferred the banner in my car and had measured the banner in its storage box. The dimensions are 33" x 4" x 4".

Hope this helps!

I couldn’t find a pre-built toolbox that would easily have dimensions big enough for that, and still be small enough for people to easily grab and put in their trunk. I think maybe making a carrying bag for that part and having everything else fit in a rolling box might be way to go.

However if we build something custom with boards like Cliff suggested, we should be able to figure out a way to house the banner inside the box also. I want to make sure the size and weight don’t get out of control that a single person of small stature couldn’t lift it easily and put it in or out of their trunk. If it becomes too big or hard to move its becomes much hard to find a volunteer to run an event.

To be quite fair, the banner is already self-contained and has handles and what looks like a holding strap…

P.S. Sorry for my messy car in the pic.

Ok, perfect! That will be nice