Volunteering? Reopening?

It’s been a while since I’ve heard what the status of the space is. I sold and bought a house last year, so was unable to help back in September when the call for volunteers was made.

However, I have a bit of time now. Is there something I can do to help LMN?


Hi @conanh, great to hear that you got a new place! ::grin:

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry that it’s been quiet around here. The board has been meeting pretty regularly recently to figure out how best to reopen. The next meeting is on the 27th. I’ll bring up your question and share what I find out.


Have you guys considered plastic dividers like they plan to use in schools?

Maybe a can drive for costs? I have 4 huge bags :+1:

Thanks for the reply, Erik!

Looking forward to hear more.

I’m looking forward to the space opening as well. Following this thread.

@Dave, @conanh, @Tony, and anyone else watching this thread: I posted an update about reopening the space in a new topic. Thanks for the nudge that got me to ask about sharing the news!

I also really like the idea of a can drive to support the space (and because I too have lots of bags to donate). I’ll find out how to coordinate bag drop-off. If any of you have a few free minutes, would you mind looking for a place that is accepting large amounts of cans right now?

The local Meijer’s are taking cans, but I think they have a limit of $20-25 per person/visit/day. I should be able to verify that tomorrow.

Thanks, @Tony. The Kroger by me has a similar limit, and the much closer Darrell’s only has one can machine and limited operating hours. :grimacing:

The Grand Ledge Meijer does have a $25 limit. I’d assume it’s similar or the same at their other stores.

A few years back, I helped with a can drive for my boys’ Boy Scout troop. Three of us took a load of cans to Kroger, and three went to Meijer (both in S. Lansing). Returned about $200 worth in about an hour.

I’ve created a topic with the agenda and Zoom details for Wednesday’s board meeting.

If you’d like to bring something up, please comment on that topic and I’ll reserve time for you. I will bring up the can drive and adding Zoom details to the LMN calendar. :slight_smile: