News about reopening

Hi everyone! I’m Erik Gillespie (he/they), a local tech educator and event organizer. Pre-pandemic, you may have met me at a Tech Demo Night at LMN. Since then I joined the LMN Board of Directors and very recently (like within the last month), I became LMN’s new Secretary. :wave:

Among other duties, I’ll be ramping up communication about the state of the space. If you ever want an update, feel welcome to post here or email me at

Updates about reopening

The big, exciting, and kinda scary news about reopening is that we’re considering moving into a new building!

In fact, we already have a new location in mind and have started meeting a lot more frequently to do the budget, gut-checks, vision, etc. to build confidence that we can make a new space work.

This time last year, the board was looking at a new location but it didn’t work out. Then we tabled the search altogether when the lockdown happened. We resumed the search after determining that the ventilation in the current space would need an expensive overhaul for us to feel comfortable reopening.

The space we’re looking at now is bigger, more open, and has a much safer HVAC system.

I’m sure you have lots of questions. Our next board meeting is on January 27 and I’m already including “schedule a town hall” in the agenda so you’ll have a chance to learn more and share your thoughts soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We’re eager to get back to making things and want to make sure that we’re doing it in the safest way possible.

If you have questions or thoughts, add a comment and I’ll get an answer for you.

We really appreciate your support! :heart:


@egillespie Thanks for update. I’m excited to hear more about potential move.

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Is it possible to attend this board meeting as an observer? Or are these considered closed?

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@Jimmy, I had to ask the board because I didn’t know either, so thanks for asking!

The board meetings are open for observation and I’ll start posting the agenda and Zoom link to the Talk site a few days before the meeting. Expect one on Monday. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps one could consider posting zoom link on LMN calendar so one only needs to look in one place. With link back to this message board.


@bjadms8, that sounds good to me and it’ll make sharing details about the regularly scheduled board meetings easier too. Thanks for the recommendation! :raised_hands:

I’ve posted the agenda and Zoom details for Wednesday’s board meeting (link below).

If you would like to bring something up, please add a comment to that topic and I’ll reserve a couple of minutes for you to speak. I’m already planning to bring up a can drive and putting Zoom details on the LMN calendar. :slight_smile:

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