Unofficial casual hacker night

When I came to the makerspace the first time, I was excited to see that it had a lot of physical making. I had assumed most makerspaces grew out of hackerspaces and had tools peripherally, but people here mostly just make stuff, which is way cooler!

That being said, hackerspaces are cool too. If anyone would like to join me, I’m going to try to make time on sunday evenings to hang out in the breakroom and work on whatever fun development project I feel like (lately I’ve been focussed on OpenGL) and treat it as an “open” event. Should anyone want to work on their own project, and bounce ideas off eachother, that’d be cool. I’ll also bring some extra laptops with some compilers, libraries and etc preinstalled so those who want to get into it can come too. I plan to be there around 5pm this sunday.

p.s. if you have a specific project you’d like to try out, but don’t know where to start, let me know. it will at least help me know what to have installed on the laptops


@Evelyn and i will usually be there Sunday nights so this sounds awesome!


@egillespie used to run a programmer-y kind of meetup if I’m not mistaken. Just looping them in!

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When I first read the title I imagined the “secret underground Chinese hacking space” from Mr. Robot. That stuff is cool.

Thanks for the tag, Jimmy!

@billehhg, there’s a bunch of programming enthusiasts that may be interested in this. Head over to and click the Slack link to share what you’re doing. I bet there will be people interested in joining you for some hack nights. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I sent them a message and bookmarked a bunch of their events.

Interesting, is this happening on the regular? I didn’t see anything on the calendar but I’d be interested in going

Hi! It’s mostly just been me showing up so far. It’s not in the calendar because it’s not really structured. It will happen as regularly as people show up for it! I won’t be there this week because I have a baby shower today, but i’ll be there next week (feb 5th).

I’d love to have more people come, and feel free to suggest events, projects, or whatever. If anyone needs anything for it, feel free to ask. I have spare computers, and can easily pre-install libraries or tools to them if necessary. I also know at least a little about many projects and can help people get started.

I will try to come by next weekend, congrats again on the baby hope the shower goes well!

This sounds cool! I’ll stop by next weekend.

im on the way but running late!

Came to check this out, I’ll be here hacking on a garmin project.

I heard some people came by! I missed a few because of a new baby but i will start coming again soon! I’ll post again when I come. Obviously, feel free to do it without me

@billehhg Congratulation on the new one! :tada: :tada:
looking forward to hacking on something in the future!

anyone interested in working on cryptography puzzles together? I was working on these ones awhile ago as a way to learn Rust. some of them kept me up at night :sweat_smile:

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That sounds fun! I’ll work through some

I heard some people came while I was gone, which is great! Just wanted to give a heads up i plan to be there tonight. Hope to see some hackers

For anyone who is following this, i plan to come this sunday around 5pm again. After talking with ron, i thought i’d offer an optional brief “Intro to Assembly” event. I’ll prepare a brief discussion and topic on assembly, and the x86 boot process and if there is interest, we can work on a simple project related to that. Otherwise, we can hack away on our own projects as usual

I will be around today, planning a website probably :saluting_face:

I will not be there sunday! Still planning to attend next week though. feel free to hack without me, guys