Tour of the Maker's Space


Couldn’t find a fitting category for this request so I’ll post it here. I would like to setup a tour of the place around 2:00pm Sunday (04/30/2022) if possible? Interested in joining the space :slight_smile:.

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Jacob, FYI there’s a usually an open forge event Sunday afternoons starting at 3pm, if you’re interested in seeing people at work. Open Forge every Sunday 3 PM to 7 PM @Clifford_Bohm has organized that.

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Thank you for the information @Erik_S!

I think you can show up anytime during open hours and get a tour. In terms of your interest in electronics, @RealCarlRaymond is the leader of that area and a great guy to chat with. I’m interested in electronics and hope to be around tomorrow afternoon, but I’m a newbie.


Well we can both be newbs today, haha.

Hi Jacob! Welcome to the site. As Erik said, you can stop by anytime during open hours, and we’ll be happy to give you a tour.

Sweet! Actually showed up yesterday during open hours. Cool place.

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