Open Forge every Sunday 3 PM to 7 PM

Hello everyone,
We are going to start having Open Forge time every Sunday from 3PM to 7PM!

During these times, the forge will be lit, and the blacksmith area will be supervised. Open Forge times are open to anyone (member and non-member). The idea is to provide an opportunity for blacksmiths to meetup and build some community. It’s also a great time to come in if you are working on something that could use an extra hand (or two), or if you are looking for advice.

Currently, the monitors for this event are myself (Clifford_Bohm), Bobby (bjadms8), Alex (Alex), and Andy (Andy_Buhl). The plan is that at least one of us will always be present. If you are willing, and would like to be added to this list, please let me know.

Non-members participating in open forge will need to sign a waiver, just like class members. Please remember that we are still under a mask mandate, and that will remain in effect for open forge until LMN policy changes.

If open forge falls on a holiday, there will be no open forge.

I have added the tag “open-forge” here on the talk site, if we need to cancel an open forge time, or anyone has any questions or announcements regarding open forge, this is the tag to use!

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I’ve added open forge to the website calendar! Below are the holidays I suspect we might close Open Forge for, but would appreciate your review.

April 17th - Easter Sunday
May 8th - Mother’s Day
June 19th - Father’s Day / Juneteenth
December 25th - Christmas Day

That’s so exciting!
Edit: @Jimmy , which calendar shows the open forge?

It’ll appear here when it updates. It takes a day or so to push new events.

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I’m not seeing it when I click the calendar link. Do you have a start date?

It actually seems like our website calendar is glitching and won’t update; Start date, I believe, is this coming Sunday!

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This is correct. I’ll be there on Sunday at 3 PM!