Simple blacksmith project - followup to basic checkout

@Alex did a checkout for myself, @CBennett, @pete_49 last Sunday, and he kindly walked us through a short project afterwards so we’d get some experience and be less likely to break any tools (or ourselves :wink: ). He’s offered to do a second simple project if anyone is interested.

@Alex if you are available I can do any time during open hours this Saturday or Sunday, not sure about the others.

FYI @Evelyn you expressed interest in the last one, not sure if you’d be able to make this one.

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I’m good for Saturday! I have my volunteer shift Sunday afternoon and could hopefully with around that if needed

I would be available on Saturday. My open hours shift ends at 2:30 so we could do it then if that works for everyone!

That would be great! I really enjoyed the last lesson. Count me in please.

Saturday at 2:30 works for me as well, thanks. I actually went to Alro today and bought some small pieces, so I’ll be all set to experiment and practice what we did last time as well. They did give me the Makerspace discount, so thanks again for letting us know about that, I just showed my badge.

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Awesome! never tried showing them the badge before lol glad that worked though!

This sounds awesome, but I’m out of town for the weekend. :frowning:
If y’all decide to do a 3rd project count me in!

@pete_49 no worries! we’ll catch you next time!

How’s the propane supply? I know last time we were getting low. I could run down before the class and get some tanks filled if needed.

We do not have a posted SOP for Blacksmith area propane refill. I will normally check supply and refill tanks when we have a class in the Blacksmith area scheduled and make sure metal stock for class is available and metal prepared for class/classes.

I would like to offer the following as a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Blacksmithing area propane tank refill.

Blacksmith area Forge Propane tank Refill procedure and options

  • First option simply takes a tank and refills at the nearest propane refill location same as you would refill your own barbecue grill. No Reimbursement by LMN (Lansing Markers Network)

  • Second option when refilling with Lansing Markers Network Reimbursement

  • Obtain the Tax Exempt number from the Front Desk so they can record your name so that reimbursement is authorized.

  • Take up to 2 tanks to a propane refilling station nearest to Lansing Markers Network is the U-Haul located at Jolly and Cedar Street.

  • When paying for the refill make sure to provide the Tax Exempt Number for Lansing Markers Network reimbursement will not include Sales Tax

You will get a paper receipt which you will have scan to a process the reimbursement or you can provide your email address and you will receive by email which can be attached to.
LMN Reimbursement Request

Any interest and availability this Saturday (tomorrow) at 2:30?

Im not available to stay after my shift for very long tomorrow unfortunately. What did you want to work on? might be able to do it during the week.

Is there a reason that “refills at the nearest propane refill location” can’t get reimbursed for everything except the sales tax? I get that LMN wouldn’t want to reimburse sales tax when it can be avoided, but it seems like the main portion of the bill could be reimbursed. I partially ask because last week the one U-Haul was out of propane when someone went to purchase it, and then another U-Haul wouldn’t process the LMN paperwork when someone texted a picture of a page with what should have been the required numbers.
Perhaps we get a discount at U-Haul that I’m unaware of or it is significantly cheaper there, I can certainly understand LMN not wanting to spend extra money when it doesn’t have to.
Thanks for starting the conversation about what the SOP should be.

Certainly one could refill propane tanks anywhere they choose and take a picture with the Tax Exempt number and see if the will accept and process if you choose or 0ne may seek reimbursement without Tax Exempt if the choose.
. I have been trying to work with the U-Haul at Jolly/Cedar only because we had a good relationship at the Waverly Road location of U-Haul. They had an account with Lansing Markers Network and had the Tax exempt number on fill. All one had to do was say the propane was for Lansing Makers Network and was processed with Tax Exempt. However apparently the two locations are independent and don’t work the same. So it has been more difficult to simplify the process.
I on the 13th filled every propane tank at the space. 3 30 gal, 2 20 gal and 1 I would guess as 40 gall. Two trips first trip was charged $1.86 / gal second trip charged $4.46 / gal so there is an inconsistence depending on the technician at U-Haul. I did speak with the manager cause I didn’t want to not pay the correct amount manager said no problem no change in my billing.

If you have completed the LMN Reimbursement from on line it ask the question if preapproved. So if your preapproved you can answer yes. Approval comes from manager and above associated with Lansing Makers Network.

Also there has been some discussion about have a 100 gal tank installed and have an account with a propane vendor keep it full. And converting to natural gas and tap into the heating supply. These have been kicked a round some.
I have been filing the tanks for a long time and am ok with users keeping propane tanks filled.

@Todd_R @pete_49 @CBennett @Evelyn How does everybody feel about doing a leaf on Saturday at 2:30?

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I’m getting my covid booster at 2:15, and I could head there straight after?

might be unwise to be swinging a hammer after that lol but we could do your checkout then if you would like!

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That’s good to think about
I’ll ask about swinging a hammer and arm inflammation when I get the shot. If they recommend I don’t do it, I’ll message here

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If this is for saturday the 22nd is be interested but id need a checkout for the blacksmithing

@Joslyn_Mara It is indeed for the 22nd! We can get you checked out no problem. Please wear close toe leather or canvas shoes and cotton clothes. if you have a favorite pair of safety glasses please bring them. if you don’t that’s ok we have some you can use.