CNC Router question

Trying to set up an account with Vectric (V-Carve), and they require the model of the CNC machine.
Going through this because the files I made at home couldn’t be opened on the computer at LMN. This was after the makerspace number had been put into the software. So, if anyone could lend some advice with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

You might not of been able to open your files from home on the LMN computer because they were generated by a newer version of vcarve. I believe that you can open files from older versions in newer versions (backwards compatible) but not the opposite. Perhaps the LMN software needs to be updated to the latest version. I know I had this issue before at a different makerspace.

From reading their forum, the versions are backwards compatible, and older versions can’t open newer. I have v.11 at home and thought I’d opened v.11 at the space.
That still may not be the problem. The LMN computer said that my files were from a trial version rather than a makerspace client. I entered the LMN code and restarted the program before creating the files.
So far Vectric has yet to substantively get back with me.

I’m not sure what that’s about, but we have a Precision Automation PA-1000 machine, and the software that runs it is Mach 3.

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I can bring my laptop tomorrow to install v carve and test for compatibility with the space equipment so that we have a documented install process if that would be helpful

Sure. I noticed on my copy that the splash screen says “VCarve Pro Makerspace Client Edition” on startup.

so it turns out someone already had the same idea as I did, so I will simply link to that here.

our makerspace id that needs to be put into your client for things to work is below. simply copy and paste


Yup, did that. We got the message that the file was from a machine that had trial software. The software that I have also says ‘makerspace client edition’ or something close to that.

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been away from the space. I am returning this week and will bring my laptop in to test the install process and verify that files can be transfered. Once I get it figured out I will let you know. Hopefully we can get yours working with little headache

I just got v carve set up on one of two laptops. following the instructions in the linked write up I was able to create a test file on my laptop and open it on the design lab computer. it did give me the same popup message about the file originating from a trial version of v carve on another machine. it asked if I wanted to obtain a “licence” from web server to open the file, and when I clicked yes the test file just opened. I will post an update when I get things rolling on my second machine

Just finished the process on a second machine, same story. It gives the pop up message on the design lab machine, but after clicking yes the file opens without a problem. Not sure why its doing this, but it does seem to be working in the end