Would like to see the new space!

Hello there! I’m a past member from when LMN was in the previous space and would like to come check out the new space with a friend of mine and get a small tour. Is there any time that works best or just come by the space during open hours? Thanks ahead of time!


Thank you for checking in!
We have volunteers during open hours that can give you tours without any scheduling needed! Is there an area you really use a lot? Charlie runs the woodshop and is in every Thursday night

I look forward to hearing what you think!

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Awesome! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I use the laser mostly but want to eventually get checked out on the metal lathe, 3d printing, vinyl cutter, and jewelry fab area, my friend is a woodworker and we are both glassblowers/flame workers with huge creative backgrounds so honestly any area is open to discovery for us!


That’s exciting! @Maria (I think I tagged the right one) will be doing lampwork demos for us!
I’d love to see more representation at the space.
If you come in Sunday evenings, I’m usually there and would love to see some things you guys have made