Would like bowl turning lesson on the wood lathe

Would like bowl turning lesson on the wood lathe.
After August 6, please.

Thank you.

I would like to join for this as well.

@Darryl_Meredith @javascript.void

Unfortunately we don’t offer scheduled lessons for bowl turning at this point. However, Charlie has woodshop ‘office hours’ on Thursdays at 6:30 and is willing to offer tips and answer questions! Especially if you are worried about safety, definitely talk to Charlie. If you want an affordable bowl turning lesson, I took one at Rockler in Novi a couple years ago for around $100. It was a good intro.

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Charlie mentioned to me last week that he is thinking of having a bowl turning class, as myself & another member are interested in learning w/ his guidance, as well. Nice that there are 4 of us, now! @cafwood

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Make it 5, I’d love to take a bowl turning class!

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understood, I mainly want a lathe checkout so I can hold off and opt in to a more specific one on that.

Charles said to schedule a follow up lathe checkout session so he can show us how to turn a bowl. Thank you.

Charlie said to schedule a follow up session

I will plan to do a bowl turning demo with some hands on opportunities. I’d prefer to do it next Sunday (8/20) morning at 9 am. It will be free. Let me know if you plan to attend. I would like to include those interested and hope the date and time can work well for you.

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I’ll plan on attending.

I’ll plan to attend too. Thanks for doing a demo, @cafwood!

I’d like to join if there’s room!

I’ll be there! Thank you so much, Charlie!!

Darryl Meredith will attend. Thank you.