Woodworking "Office" Hours

I am going to try to have regular hours on Thursdays from around 6-8 to be available to answer woodworking questions about tools, tool use, joinery, your current projects, etc. as well as offer some demonstrations of tools and techniques. We’ll see how it goes. I am the area manager. My background covers a lifetime of making and building things mostly from wood with 5 decades of professional experience building cabinets, furniture, musical instruments, science exhibits, boats, and houses. I hope my experience can help you.


I think this is a fantastic idea. I expect it will be efficient of your time and the time of others. I’ll plan on stopping by Thursday evening (3/16), if for nothing else just to chat.

Thank you.

Tom Herdt

Do you mind if I put your office hours on the Lansing makers Network calendar?

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It’s ok with me if you want to put it on the calendar.

This is so great!!!

Fantastic! I’m glad you’re going forward on this.

Sounds awesome! Thank you!

I will not have “office hours” 6/29.

Thank you to whomever updated the calendar!

I am sorry for the late notice, but I will not be having woodshop office hours tonight–10/19. I should be back next Th. If you need help in the meantime post me a message, and I will try to be in sometimes this weekend.