Woodworking class proposal

I’ve been working on a wine rack, with the idea of offering it as a woodworking class that can be taught at LMN. Matt, please send me the form you mentioned regarding this.


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Tagging @Rossi.Bossi for visibility.

Bump… @Rossi.Bossi - are you out there? If you replied earlier, I didn’t see it. You said you had a form for proposed classes. Dig my e-mail address out of the files if you need to, and send it there if you want.

Hey Tony. Sorry. I’m here…been getting prepped for my semester and thought I sent the form (but didn’t). Here it is:

My inclination is to say this sounds like a good class, and given your working history with us, I mostly want to use the form as a document so I can clear it with Charlie.