Woodshop volunteer opportunities

I am the new woodshop area manager. In the upcoming weeks, I hope to make quite a few alterations to the space. These changes will involve moving equipment and shelves, building new shelves and carts, labeling, signage, etc. We will also be getting just a few new tools. This weekend we will be getting materials to frame new walls in the openings between the woodshop and blacksmithing and the machine shop. I will be confirming with Jimmy C. which times will work best. If you want to help with this, let us know.
I also need volunteers for a couple of smaller tasks this weekend:

Removing broken glass and boarding up window areas on the overhead door between the woodshop and the back southwest room.

Mount the earplug dispensers where they can be easily seen.

Assemble new storage shelving from Menards to be used for member project storage.

If you are interested, let Jimmy or me know by responding here.
Thanks, and please keep watching for more volunteer opportunities.


Looks great! Excited to knock some of this stuff out!

I’ve applied to be a volunteer and look forward to helping out with this extravaganza!

If you want to jump on this before we have a chance to orient you as a volunteer, please do. We can take note of your hours and add them into the system later.

Where are the shelves located? I might be able to get them done on Saturday while I’m there depending on what type of shelving it is.

I’d like to make storage for the planes and chisels, if that’s alright

Is this the shelving you are talking about? Looked around for a bit, and found this at the end of my shift.

Also…what do you think of this corner as a location for the Ear plugs? Seems like a central location that is visible and everyone walks past.

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That is the shelving.
That seems like a good location for one of the ear plug dispensers.

Hey! @Evelyn Awesome! I’m finishing up a french cleat wall dedicated to hand tools but we don’t have any of the modules to fit chisels and planes and stuff yet.

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I’m on it!
Want them to also hang on the cleats or stay in the drawer?

I think that the more stuff we can get out of the drawer and give a home on the cleats the better! I was thinking some things like this:



Totally forgot it was a holiday weekend. I need to get dims of the available scrap wood, but I’ve drawn up storage for the chisels and will do the same for planes soon

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