Woodshop tool checkouts

I know a few people (@Mindy_Morton , @Kris.harr) are interested in tool checkouts in the wood shop. I promised to get the message posted over the weekend, but it got away from me.

I checked with Charlie @cafwood and he’s back in town, and will be around this Thursday evening for his usual office hours for tool training.

If that time doesn’t work, or there’s more people want to do, I’ll be around this Friday, 6:30 to closing, for more checkout sessions.

We had to order some parts for the table saw to fix a problem with the tilt mechanism. Possibly the saw won’t be available, but there are lots of other tools, of course.

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I may be able to make it Thursday what hours will Charlie be there? Do I just show up?

Ill be in thursday and friday!

Thanks Carl and Charlie!

I’ll be in Thursday and Friday too! Thanks, Carl & Charlie!

I’ll be there Friday. Thanks Carl.