Woodshop tool checkout session Saturday, 2:00pm Feb. 4, 2023

There are a few requests for some tools, so I’ll run a session Saturday at 2:00pm for the planer, jointer, miter saw, and table saw. I see one request for the table saw, so we can do that last, and the others first.

The first three should take about an hour in all, and the table saw is around a half hour.

If you’ll be attending, please reply on this thread so I’ll know to expect you.

I think I can make that, will confirm soon

OK, thanks so much for putting this together I will be there!

Thanks for doing this! I’ll be there

I’m not going to make it afterall, the family came down with the stomach flu last night, let me know if another day works this week?

I plan to be there. I may be a bit late.

Oops forgot to confirm but I’m coming!