Woodshop sanding/bandsaw/router checkout

Hello! I would like to get checked out on a couple additional things in the woodshop. Specifically, some of the power sanders (spindle, random orbital), the bandsaw (or perhaps the jigsaw if else), and the hand router. I’ll be around tomorrow (friday 22nd) around 5:30, and anytime this saturday and sunday if someone is around who could help.


Scott, i can do these, but i wont be able to do so until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Im out of town until then.

If you still need the checkouts then, contact me.

Tony Kuhlman

I’m following this thread because I would like to be included in this checkout when it happens


Next Thurs/Fri would be great! I should be around anytime after 5:30 either day. If Thursday is still okay, perhaps that is slightly preferable?


Let’s go for Thursday March 29, at 5:30. Plan on an hour, maybe a little longer.


Just to clarify, did you mean Feb. 29th (this thursday)? If so, that sounds great, thank you!

Oops… yes, feb 29th. 2 days from now. Or maybe 1 day, depending on when you read this. Good catch!

Hey I was hoping to jump in on this one as well i think that this will get me checked out on the last 1 or 2 i need to be good on everything in the wood shop except the lathe but i have no planed projects that involve that