Woodshop Radiator Broken | Not sparking?

The heater in the woodshop is not heating. Can hear the gas but there is no heat. Any ideas on what to check next?

Any luck getting this going? I’m a former volunteer and I was checking up to see what’s going on in the space now days. I’m also an HVAC technician. If I remember correctly there may be some gas shut off valves within easy reach. Follow the gas line from the unit until you see a manual valve. Make sure it’s on. Turn the thermostat down, wait a couple seconds and turn it back up. That may reset it.If not I would be willing to swing by sometime to take a look and say Hi. Just let me know.


No luck on this so far @CBennett! If you would be available to drop by and take a peek this week, that would be lovely.

Ok, what are the open hours Thursday and Friday this week?

4-9pm Thursday and Friday

Previously we replaced the igniter element to get it working. I looked at it last night, and didn’t see any obvious cracks. I didn’t think to measure its resistance when I had it out.

When trying to light, the fan blows, but the igniter never starts to glow.

Now that I think about it, when it was broken previously it would try to light for a while, and give up, and then try again several minutes later. Last night the fan just blew continuously. Maybe the controller is bad.

In any case, I left the ladder out.

We’re also having issues with office heat if you want to take a quick look. Breaker is in closet next to bathrooms in front hallway

Ok, the ignitor would be the first thing I would check also. Sometimes they look good, checking resistance is the way to go. The office unit has had a new control board a couple years ago. I will swing by this morning sometime. I won’t have my Van so I would need a ladder to look at the office unit on the roof, not sure if the space has an extension ladder?

Any chance someone will be around before noon?

This has been fixed. Thanks, @CBennett, for the diagnosis!