Woodshop/CNC checkout needed

Hi everybody,

I have a one month membership voucher and I wanted to use it soon. Is there any time that I can do the checkout class for the CNC/tablesaw/router? Sorry if this is not the right way to get started!



The woodshop CNC is currently down for maintenance and repair. I will add to this post when it comes back online.

I can get you going on the table saw and router. How about Thursday night at 7:00?

As in tonight? That would be awesome, I was planning to drop in for the open hours anyway. Thanks!

I am a new member, I do have past experience with a different cnc router…I would like to request a cnc/woodshop check-out please.
Thanks very much,

Jim “Sarge” Schanck

How about Tuesday night at 7:00pm? If that doesn’t work, I can do Wednesday night at 7:00pm also.

This week only, I can do Thursday or Friday daytime as well.

Pick a time, and anyone else who would like to join is welcome also. (Open hours members are welcome at any time for a checkout.)

Thanks for your quick response and offer; unfortunately life happens sometimes… a good friend in Ohio, her mother passed away, today is the visitation, and Wednesday is the funeral. I will be heading down to Northwest Ohio as soon as I leave work this afternoon, and the rest of my week shows a fully-booked docket. Other than Monday or Tuesday next week, my social calendar for next week is quite full, as well. Please advise.




You must be the gentleman who sat near me the two times I hung out at the front desks this past Friday and Saturday.

With kind regards,