Woodshop cnc checkout? for July 10 or 11?

can anyone can do checkout for wood cnc this weekend, any time during open hours is good. Saturday or Sunday? If not maybe then laser cutter? or 3d printer? i’ll learn anything I can get my hands on.
Thank you,

I can do a checkout for you on the CNC machine Saturday afternoon at 3:00. Anyone else who wants to join in is welcome.

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Fantastic. thank you Carl. 3pm Saturday it is.

I’ll tag along on the cnc checkout if I’m in the space at that time. About how long is the cnc checkout?

Plan on an hour and a half. We cover the software and the machine. Also, I haven’t done this for a good while, and I’m rusty!

would you like us to bring a section of wood for the cnc part?

No, we supply the material for the checkout.

Hi, are you going to do another check out anytime soon?