Woodshop CNC, advance notice of maintenance

The woodshop CNC spindle is planned be out of service for off-site maintenance and repair. It will be removed from service this coming Sunday (4/28/2019) after open hours and may be offline for 7 to 10 days. The woodshop CNC will still be available for use until then.

@mgrossbauer, just confirming that the CNC is available for use again or were there updates to the SOPs you wanted to make first ?

The CNC is back on line with some additional requirements for operation. The spindle must be run in and warmed up without any load (not cutting) for 5 minutes at 9000 rpm, and then 5 minutes at 18000 rpm before your project operation. Carl and I will update the SOP to reflect this change. Also note that CNC quality endmills with the proper size collet should be used. Only cutters less than 3 inches in length are allowed. In the absence of metric sized collets, metric sized endmills must not be used.

thanks for doing this

It should probably be mentioned that you cleaned out the drawer and removed the stuff that shouldn’t be used with the router.

Do we want to create a policy of getting a trainer’s OK for using something other than the bits we stock ?

It’s 3” of stickout from the collet nose that’s the issue, right ?

I’ll order a set of metric collets so that we have them available in the event their needed (special cases, like above, approved by a trainer)

We can make a gcode file that runs through the run up procedure.