Woodshop checkout Wednesday Feb. 19

I’ll be running a wood shop checkout on the table saw, jointer and planer on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm. Anyone who would like to join is welcome. Checkout session are open to everyone regardless of membership level.

Please reply here so I’ll know you’re coming.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Is it ok if I bring a friend who would like to learn more about LMN?

I intend to show up for these checkouts!

Dennis, absolutely! Please feel free to bring along a guest.

I just realized that this overlaps the Maker Meetup on Tuesday.

@DennisP and @Jimmy can we change this to Wednesday evening?

Yes. Same time? 7 or earlier? I’m open that day.

I’m available on Wednesday as well.

Very good. Let’s do it at 7:00pm Wednesday. Thank you both.

I’d like to join as well, if that’s alright!

See you then. Thanks

Will be bringing a friend who just wants to see what LMN is all about