Woodshop Checkout - Thursday 7/13 OR 7/20 (Please RSVP)

I’ll be running a woodshop checkout with @cafwood at 6:30 PM on Thursday 7/13 AND 7/20. We will cover the Saw-Stop Table saw, and can cover one or two other tools depending on interest. If you are interested in attending please respond with which day you are available and tools aside from the table saw that you’d like to see covered in this checkout. I’ll plan on doing the planer and jointer unless there is overwhelming interest for something else.


@StephenH @TipofTheCap @Chad_Hill @Stacy_Smith …apologies if I missed any of the new members who have made requests!

I could attend 7/13 at 6:30. I am good with table saw, jointer, and planer. Thanks Laura!

Hi, Laura! I’d like to do the checkouts. My nephews, Orion (16) & Jayden (13) would also like to do this w/ me. Thursday the 13th works well for us. Sometime we would also like a checkout on the turning lathe. :slight_smile:

Hi Laura, thank you for doing this for everyone!

I work this Thursday until 7:15pm. Not sure if it can start later? Or I could do next week Thursday.

I would be down to wood shop on the 20th hight my name is Chad I am a new maker just this month trying to get going

Ok! We’ll have the checkout on 7/13- plan on roughly 1.5-2 hours for this. I have @Heather and her two nephews and @StephenH attending. There is room for one more if anyone wants to jump in last minute. @NatashaC and @Chad_Hill I can do the checkout on 7/20 as well, same time.

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Great, thank you @laura_rogers!

Actually is there still slots for the 13th

Yep @Chad_Hill I’ll see you there

I will also have a guest my 12 year old daughter Evie I am :laughing:

I would like to attend the checkout on the 20th, please.

If it’s not too late, I would also like to be apart of the 20th group