Woodshop checkout session Thursday, Oct. 27, 7:00pm

I’ll be running a wood shop tool checkout session Thursday evening at 7:00pm.
I’ll start with the table saw as usual, for new members and anyone else interested. I think there’s some interest in the jointer and planer.

I’m going to try to keep the table saw part to 30 minutes, so if you just want the other tools, aim for 7:30.

As always, no pre-approval is needed to attend. Just reply here so I’ll know to expect you.


I will be there. Sorry, just saw this post after replying on the other one. Thank you very much!

I’ll come too. It’s been too long since I used any of the equipment.

Hey Carl,

Ill try to make it tomorrow and finally get that bandsaw checkout done.

Got another coming, will be a new member today so we’ll be early to get him all set up at the front desk.

I will tag along for the planer and jointer

I would like to attend the jointer and planer part

Thank you for running this, Carl!