Woodshop checkout session Saturday, Oct. 1

I’ll be running a woodshop checkout session this Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm. We’ll cover the table saw and miter saw, and other tools as requested.

This is open to anyone; no approval is needed to attend. Just reply here so I’ll know you’re coming.

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Count me in! Ill be there at 2

I plan on attending so that I can offer checkouts when needed.

I will also be there!

Me, my husband and our two teenage boys would like to attend. Both boys have taken wood shop and would like to continue using the skills they have learned. We would all like to get checked out on the Lathes. Thank you!

@Jess-Norling That’s great! I’m happy to have the bunch of you Saturday.
However, I’m not a wood turner, and so we won’t be able to cover the lathes.

Id like to attend too. Im interested in the plannar and router tools.

I’ll be there for a shift and I’ll join in for the check out!