Woodshop checkout request March 2023

When will the next woodshop checkout happen? We have a new member @Mindy_Morton would like to get checked out soon. Thanks.

Schedule permitting, I’d like to get checked out on whatever woodshop machines I can as well.

I know that Thursdays and Sundays have been having regular group wood-shop checkouts. Hopefully we can get a regular schedule posted

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I would also be interested in this! Especially if we could add the lathe to the list.

@cafwood @RealCarlRaymond think we can get something on the schedule? I’ll be there as well. Id like to be a checkout trainer for these tools.

I can offer checkouts for the table saw, miter saw, jointer & planer, and others except for the wood lathe.

It’s very short notice, but if I get replies here I can do this tonight (Thursday) from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. If nobody sees it in time, I’ll move it to Sunday.

not sure if I missed this already, but would be interested in attending

I would like to get checked out on the table router.

Are you planning to do checkouts today? If so, when?

I’ll be doing this at 2:00 today.