Woodshop checkout request (for new member)

Hi! Soon-to-be new member here hoping to get checked off on table saw, chop saw, drill press, and maybe a few other woodshop tools. I have lots of experience on all these machines including at another maker space in another city I used to live in. My availability is pretty open these next few weeks (as of now only Thursday-Saturday this week that I couldn’t meet up; next week is wide open!). Thanks!

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I just signed up yesterday and am looking for the same. Mainly the table saw, mitre saw and router, but I wouldn’t mind getting checking out anything other woodshop tools if it’s convenient.


I will be available to do checkouts this sunday, and possibly this Saturday. Suggest a couple of times those days, and we will see what works.

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@Tony I will out of town on Saturday, but I could do Sunday anytime after noon!

I’m out of town Saturday as well, but may be able to do later in the afternoon Sunday. Could you guys maybe do 4pm? Could possibly do it a bit earlier in a pinch.

4pm is good for me.

4pm is good. Figure an hour, maybe 2 depending on how many tools you want to do.

It’s on my calendar! And thanks!

Thank you! See you then.

If I’m back in town in time, I’d like to do these checkouts, too

Be glad to have you there.

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I might be just 3-5 minutes late but I am on my way!

Thanks again for taking the time to show us around, @Tony

If you’ve got a spare moment to do a checkout for the planer over the next week or two, please let me know!

I will try to. I am going out of town Wednesday for 2 weeks. But others here can do the checkouts. Best is to post a request, and list times/dates you are available.

I can check you out on the planer. Are you free Tuesday?

I can do Tuesday, but the earliest I could make it would be 4pm. Any time after that would work too.

Okay let’s aim for 5pm this Tuesday

@Jcard1415 Hi - I had also been getting checked off some things by Tony and I still need to get checked off on scroll saw & planer. I’m out of town Tuesday at 5 - but are you available later this week at all?

Wednesday at 5?

Can do! Yes. See you then.