Wood Shop Organization/Project Storage


I want to hear community thoughts on woodshop organization.
Some of you may have noticed that things have gotten a little more tidy, and there are some new storage implements around the central areas of the woodshop. For instance: the black tool chest is migrating to the wood shop. Hopefully things have been easy enough to locate-- we have a lot of new members too, and my hope is that these folks will have an easier time navigating the available bits and the array of smaller handheld devices within the woodshop.

Labeling and signage is still underway, but at this point I want to survey the community for the biggest pain points in the workflow within our current woodshop. What change would make the most notable differences?

Additionally, woodshop project storage has a few issues that I’ve observed:
-demarcation of individual projects
-allowable individual footprint
-keeping up with parking passes

I think I’d like to see something like bright red dividers on the shelves- something that indicates that everything within the bounds belongs to one individual. As far as footprints- what do we each think is reasonable? Are we happy with the amount of projects occupying floor space? Do we need more shelving for lumber? I’d love to brainstorm with everyone so we can try and make a positive impact here.

Disclaimer: Charlie Finkel is the woodshop area manager. I’m just a woodworker who really enjoys a clean, efficient, and thoughtfully organized space to work in.