Wood shop checkout session, Thursday Nov. 17, 6:30pm

There’s been some new requests for woodshop tool checkouts, so I’m offering a session this Thursday at 6:30pm.

There’s a request for the table saw and band saw, and then we can do any others there’s interest in.

As always, no pre-approval is necessary; if you want to come, just reply here so I’ll know to expect you.

Darryl Meredith will attend. Thank you

Hi! I’ll also be in attendance!

Henry Moonrod

I would also be interested in learning the cnc machine if possible

The CNC machine is a separate checkout, which I’ll have to do on a later date.

I’ll be up there around then so if the router table is on the list I’d like to join for that

Sorry, scratch that. Won’t be able to make it tonight