Wood shop checkout session Saturday, May 13, 1:00pm

We have a few new members, so I’d like to offer a wood shop tool checkout session this Saturday at 1:00pm. As always, no permission is necessary, but please reply here so I’ll know to expect you. Mention the tools you’re interested in.

We can cover the saws (table, miter, panel), the jointer and planer, drill press. As usual for new members I want to start with the table saw, which takes about 45-60 minutes. If you’re not interested in that, then come around 1:45.
I’m not a wood turner, so I won’t be covering the wood lathe.

I want to reinforce a new norm we’re establishing. Since running these sessions takes time and effort, I want participants to drop a few dollars (say $5.00) into the donation bin up front when we’re done. It’s not a requirement; if you sneak out, I will not know. But the whole place runs on the efforts of volunteers, and keeping the place open does take money.


I’m planning to attend. I’m also interested in the band saw which you didn’t explicitly list, but I’ll look forward to whatever you’re willing to cover.

Planning to attend as well.