Wood shop checkout request (Table saw and router table)

I am a soon to be new member for LMN. I would like to use the table saw and router table. I’m available most times. Thank you.

If it makes a difference, I have experience with both. It’s been a long time though. It’s probably been 15 years since I used a table saw. I’ve made jigs instead since I don’t have space for a table saw. The router table has been over 5 years ago since I last used one. Thanks!

Calling @TEAM_Woodshop

I am unable to provide a checkout until maybe next week. If nobody steps up before then, I’ll be happy to check you out

Thanks. I’m available almost any time so whenever works for you would be good for me.

I can do a checkout for you Saturday afternoon. Does sometome between 2 and 4 work?

Oops - sorry, belay that. There is a class in the woodshop Saturday, and they will be using the tools then.

Thanks. I saw that class and was thinking about taking it. I really don’t need a cutting board though, :).

I didn’t forget about this, I just recently started to feel sick and don’t think I should be in the space at all this week.

Thanks. Hope you feel better soon.

Brian, does tomorrow (Thursday) work for you? Suggest a time, and i will see if that works.


Thanks Tony. Unfortunately, I can’t make it today (Thursday) or Friday.

Ok. I will be out of town tomorrow thru Sunday. Post your available times here, and we will see who can help you.

Brian, whats your availability? I can do this sometime this week .