Wood Shop Check-Outs

Would someone be available next week, June 10-13, to do check-outs with me in the wood shop? Thanks

If you’re open to doing this during open hours, I would like to join in. I’d like to expand to using the miter saw and router. I would also join in on the CNC, bandsaw, and lathe check-outs, if convenient, but please don’t schedule these around me.

Welcome Nicholas. I’d be happy to get you going in the wood shop. I like to start with the table saw, since that’s such a commonly used tool. How about Tuesday, the 11th, at 7:00pm. That usually takes at least an hour.

If you want to do other tools, we can do another session either Thursday evening or a Saturday afternoon so other people can join in.

Let me know how those times work.

I could definitely do 7 tonight. Can we do the miter saw at the same time?

I’m very sorry to say I goofed on the day – we’re hosting an event tonight at 7:00, and can’t run anything loud. This was my mistake for not checking the calendar first.

If later tonight would work, the event should break up by 9:00pm, so we can do it then. Or Thursday evening at 7:00, or Saturday afternoon.

Sorry for the mix up. Let me know which other time works best for you.

I could definitely do 7 tonight, if you are still available.

Yes, by all means. I’ll see you tonight.