Wood shop check out

Hi Y’all!

My wife and I are new members and would like to do a wood shop check out on 07/02/2021. We would be available from 6-9PM. We would also be interested in a laser check out too, so if there is someone who could do both that would be extra fantastic.


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Hey David,


I can’t do both for you, but I can get you checked out on the laser cutter. I’ll be in the space at 6 on Friday :slight_smile:

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Thanks Danielle! What type of file does the laser take? I have some design software and would love to be able to do that before Friday.

Thanks again!

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Danielle and David, do you mind if I sit in on that orientation? If so, how long do you expect it to take for this?

Tony, I don’t mind if you hop in.

Sounds good to me :blush: takes about 45 min to do the check.

The file types are .ai and .dxf

I plan to stop by this week and join. I’m very interested in learning to use the tools in wood shop. I’d like to take another wood working class maybe. Do you plan to resume those, or is it possible to schedule an individual lesson?

Hi @Joanieb,

Im a new member as well so don’t know much about what they are thinking. I think this would be a good question to ask when you go in to join and get a tour.

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Great! I’ll be there by 6 this Friday.

Hey @Joanieb we’re going to resume classes at some point in the future, although I’m not sure when. We’re still easing into our reopening plans. However, if you’re interested in learning informally, once you’re a member of the space, there are usually people around who can show you how to do various things (this is how I learned to make half lap joints).

@RealCarlRaymond are you available to do a woodshop checkout in the next few days?

I’m happy to do a woodshop checkout Friday evening. Let’s say 7:00pm if that works for you.

Great! My wife, Emily, and I will be there at 6PM to do our laser check out and will plan to do our wood shop check out after at 7pm.