Wood shop check out request

Would someone be available this week or next to do a wood shop check out?


Can I join in on this? I need to get check outs for the woodshop as well.

You can certainly join. But, I’m not sure how this works. I’d like to get in and start using the equipment, but don’t know if I have to do the check out first. Can anyone tell me if there are manuals I can use to refresh my memory if needed? I have used all of the equipment I want to use in the past.

Hey! Welcome to the space! Many of the woodshop tools will require a checkout, and there are SOPs and manuals available as well. Typically a post is made requesting a checkout and someone qualified to give it will respond to work out scheduling (usually within a few days), so you’re on the right track here. Looks like it might’ve gotten overlooked though, so I’ll tag some folks! Which tools are you interested in specifically? @Mike-L @cafwood @RealCarlRaymond

I have a shift on thursday evening, I can get you started then if that works for you. I can give checkouts for the table saw and miter saw.

I am also available friday evening, but I am busy this weekend

Sorry Mike…just seeing this now. I was thinking I’d get an email when there was a response, but just happened to check in. I could do it this coming week if you have time. My days are varied since my work schedule can shift day to day. Thanks,Kevin

I am shift lead for thursday evening. I should be in next friday as well. Weekends are hit and miss for the forseeable future

Marking this as “closed” for the time being. Kevin, please feel free to make a new thread if you’d still like to get “checked out”!

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