Wood shop check out request (router table, band saw and drill press)

Hi would someone be able to check me out on the
router table, band saw and drill press at some point this week? I’m available Thursday or Friday after 6pm or any time Saturday.
Thank you in advance!!

@cafwood @Tony

I’m free most the time to show people how these work, but not sure if the managers would allow me to check people out on them.

I was going to wait until school was out - 6/7 - to start my membership, but this is basically my checkout list. I’d love to tag along whenever this gets scheduled.

IDK if I need to make it a separate request, but I’d love to get on the CNC also.

I am comfortable with having you do the checkoffs as you are available and as long as you are comfortable helping them use the tools safely and responsibly. Thanks.

I have no problems with you doing this, John.

Thank you all for offering to help. Would someone be available this Friday any time after 6pm?

I have plans tonight but I am free either Saturday or Sunday

Would you be able to do tomorrow (06/01) at 2pm?

That works for me

Thank you so much! We will see you then