Wood lethe checkout

Looking to get a checkout on the wood lathe for either today or tomorrow

@cafwood can work with you to schedule this

I am available today and tomorrow this week when ever works for you

I will be in on Thursday, but probably won’t have time for a check off on the lathe. I probably will be able to do one next weekend, but I am not ready today to commit to a specific time. I will plan to post a time later this week.

Thanks I will meet my eyes open for that time

Charlie ~ My nephews & I would also like to be apart of the lathe checkout. Thank you!

I will plan to do the wood lathe check out at 1pm. this Sunday, 7/16.

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Wonderful…Jayden, Orion & I will be there. We’re looking forward to it!

Count me in an my daughter for the wood lethe check out at one I am Chad and My daughter is Evelyn