Wood Lathe orientation Wednesday, March 7 @ 7:00p

Looking for someone to show me some basics with the lathe.

Sure, I could do that. What day or time works for you?

I am interested as well. I’m available after 5 Monday thru Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Let me know if that works for you two?

Posted this on the wrong topic, ignore this (I’ve no idea when Jerry wants to do a checkout :slight_smile: )

I’ll delete my original reply.

Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday afternoon or evening of this next week. I can’t do next Saturday. Maybe Sunday afternoon.

Kathryn Russell


  We  will have a wood lathe orientation on Wednesday this week at 7

pm. There is no need to bring anything.

  See you then.



  You can join us at 7 pm on Wednesday for a lathe orientation.

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I will try to make it as well.

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