Wood lathe check out request

Hello, does anyone have time to do a wood lathe check out with me (or with others) sometime over the next week? Thanks =)

I think Charlie @cafwood has started to hold “office hours” on Thursdays in the woodshop area. I do not know if he does check outs during that time - but look for his posts.

I’d love to get checked out on the wood lathe too.

I plan to be in Thursday between 6-8pm. I can probably do a lathe check out then.

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I’m not sure if i can be there on Thursday, but i will try. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I could do Thursday at 6! (I’m in the wax casting class at 6:30, though)

I’m interested in this too!! And if there’s extra time I need to do a jigsaw checkout also