Wood CNC router information

I would like to know the specs on the Wood cnc router: Make & Model number and any mods done to the machine. So I can plan for work on it.

Thanks for the info.

It’s a Precision Automotion PA 1000. However, its original control electronics and software have all been replaced. Currently it runs under Mach 3 software. You can produce G-code from many programs, but I recommend you start with V-Carve, which is a good fit for this kind of machine.

You can download the trial version of V-Carve from Vectric’s web site, and use LMN’s Makerspace ID number. This will unlock everything except final G-code saving, which you’ll have to do here.

I’m happy to get you checked out on the machine when you’re ready to. Make a request under a new topic with a suggested time (evenings and weekend work for me) and we’ll get started.

Thanks Carl, info is much appreciated!