Win a free month of LMN! (Using the Laser)

We need help decorating the Laser room! There are tiles in the laser room that are going on the wall but they need something cool on them! Grab a tile and decorate in any way you want, we will hang them in the room when we get them all done. One person who contributes will randomly win a free month of open hours (or similar value towards membership)!

(Please keep it family friendly, and any add ons shouldn’t make the tile larger then it is already)
If you need a little help here are some videos, bit you do you!


Great idea! I’m wondering, do you mind if we work in other mediums besides laser printing? I’m thinking…I’d like to possibly create something in copper to adhere to the top of a tile.

I really like the idea of adding something on top! Can we at least put your name on it with the laser just saw that it’s thematicly correct?

This is sweet. So happy to see this kind of project in the space. Will definitely be contributing a tile!