Who has a jointer? Help! How to get flat boards for gluing panels?

Edit:// disregard post, turns out y’all do have one working. Yay!


Hey y’all. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to the makerspace, but from what I remember (and what I see on the equipment page): we don’t have a jointer, right?

If that’s the case… I’m planning on a project coming up that will require me to glue some panels, so I’m in need of a jointer to flatten some boards. How the heck can I get this done? The only option I can think of is driving down to the A2 makerspace, but that is $$$$$. Not sure what other options I have. Does anyone know of anyone competent who has one that would want some extra cash and be willing to do a few basic jointer jobs for me here and there if I ever need it, or of any company nearby that does it for you?

Just for your info: we’ve got a jointer in the wood shop… actually two, but I think only one is hooked up to power.

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YES! Oh thank god. Equipment list is just out of date then. You just made my whole week, thank you!